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Written two centuries ago in 1818 by Mary Shelley, FRANKENSTEIN: The Modern Prometheus, is the first true science fiction novel. Years ahead of its time, the story has since become the inspiration for countless film and stage adaptations. Frankenstein is a living, breathing, gruesome outcome of scientific discovery. The piece raises an important universal question about the nature of innovation just because it can be done, should it be done? Victor Frankenstein is a Swiss scientist with a mission to create an artificial human. Without considering the consequences of such progress, he succeeds with terrifying results. After wandering the world […]

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Moon Featured

Underneath a Magical Moon

A reimagining of Peter Pan as told by Wendy Darling. Fly with Wendy and her brothers as they create the world of Neverland where time stands still and the impossible seems possible. Even everyday objects become extraordinary under the magical moon. Grades: 2-4 Curriculum Connections Fine Arts, Language Arts, Science, Emotional/Social Development

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