The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra Benefit Concert for Hurricane Recovery


The Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana connects people who care with nonprofits and other causes they care about. The Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana collaborates with public agencies and private enterprises to conduct projects for civic good. They make it easier for people & organizations to manage and grow their giving and to make sure their generosity translates into enduring improvements for the community. Since starting up in 2008, the Foundation and fund donors have granted over $12 million to local nonprofits.


Founded in August 2017 after Hurricane Harvey devastated SETX, the mission of Orange County Disaster Rebuild is dedicated to helping uninsured or underinsured individuals and families who have unmet needs with recovery from any natural or man-made disasters in Orange County, TX. Working closely with a case manager to identify resources necessary to meet those needs, Orange County Disaster Rebuild serves SETX with a dedication to accountability, commitment, integrity, respect and transparency.