Shaun Hopper Concert in the Courtyard

Saturday, April 8, 2017, 6:00pm

shaun-hopper-4_1Acoustic “fingerstyle” guitar player/wizard Shaun Hopper is at first glance an unassuming presence, a true southern gentleman whose humility stands in sharp contrast to the prodigious talents he unveils on stage. Merging complex melodic lines, harmony and bass lines along with a one-of-a-kind percussive technique, he mesmerizes everyone within earshot.

His original compositions and pop covers are infused with a cutting edge resonance found only in the new breed of You Tube virtuosos, including players like Adam Rafferty, Don Ross and Andy McKee, and yet he remains loyal to his roots. His overall approach to guitar remains inspired by the legends; Andre Segovia, Tommy Emmanuel, Michael Hedges, George Benson, Martin Taylor, Leo Kottke and Chet Atkins. The final result is a “signature style” which crosses over the full range of musical genres, including; Alternative, Folk, Classical, Celtic, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues and Percussive-New Age.

Featuring: Chris Sgammato
Chris Sgammato is a multi-instrumentalist performer, teacher, and composer of various styles of music. He has performed in a capella and orchestral choirs throughout the U.S., Austria, Poland, and Germany. He is a veteran of the USF Herd of Thunder marching band, as well as USF’s top jazz ensemble, Jazz 1. He sang opera all through college, including a role as Jesus in Faust. In 2008 he co-starred in the musical HAIR. The following year he wrote, produced, directed, and starred in his own original musical Inertia, which would go on to win “Best Musical” and “Best National Show” at the 2012 Orlando International Fringe Festival. The original cast soundtrack is available on iTunes and Spotify. Later that year, he would refocus his efforts on his students and his band Displace. Sgammato has taught several thousand students in over 10 years of professional music instruction. He currently teaches over 60 individual private music lessons weekly. With special emphasis on real-world performance situations, music theory, and original compositions, he has helped several students write and record albums for worldwide digital distribution on over 196 streaming music platforms. Chris has released two albums with his band Displace, and has toured the southeast U.S extensively with them. He also performs in several other ensembles, including Shaun Hopper Trio, Ungstad & Sgammato, Choo Choo Mondo, and Doo Dah Beasties. This versatile musicophiliac lives in a recording studio and regularly records tracks on voice, saxophones, clarinet, guitar, bass, keyboards and percussion. If you’re reading this, he probably wants to make music with you, or teach you how to make your own music!